Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Week #78

Hola (Aloha) Familia!

I´m glad I´m on the mission and I don´t have to worry about the stress of BYU losses hahaha. This week was a great week and it´s getting hotter and hotter. The funny thing is, Santa Clause in Argentina still has a suit with a big white beard, I´m not sure how he doesn´t die of heat.

We had a baptism this week. Luciano De Ipola is 9 years old and he made the decision to get baptized. So that you guys understand the situation of his family, His mom served a mission some years ago and became less active afterwards. 6 years ago, the Bishop of the ward got to know them and Sis. De Ipola started to come to Church again with her two kids, Luciano and Leandro. Her husband even accepted the gospel and got baptized, but sadly is less active in this moment. Sis. De Ipola stays strong in the Church and her two kids come every Sunday. They are great little kids and they have strong testimonies of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sis. De Ipola truly wanted Luciano to understand the importance of a covenant with the Lord before baptism. For that reason, he didn´t get baptized until yesterday. We have been teaching him about baptism and the Savior, but the truth is, he already had a strong testimony from the great examples of his parents and what he has learned in Primary. He was extremely excited to get baptized and super prepared. He´ll be a great missionary one day.

We had a great experience with Flor this week. We taught her the Plan of Salvation in a period of 5 lessons. We explained the doctrine and principles with a lot of simpleness and clarity. And the truth is, the Spirit has been able to help her learn and understand everything. On Saturday, we finished teaching the Kingdoms of Glory and Flor started to cry. The room was filled with silence. She began to share stories with us on how she became to know that God exists and how she recognized us as representatives of Jesus Christ. She told us that she truly needs the gospel in her life. She looked at us and asked us if there are commandments that she doesn´t know that she can live. We happily told her yes and we invited her to pray to know that the Plan of Happiness is true. We kneeled down and she sincerely asked Heavenly Father for forgiveness of her sins. I was filled with the Spirit of joy and happiness knowing that the Spirit had truly touched her heart.

What I learned from Flor is a lesson of a lifetime. How often do we ask ourselves if there are MORE commandments that we can live to become closer to our Heavenly Father. There are many ways that we can live a commandment more fully or that we can consecrate ourselves to this great work. This is the work of the Lord and it´s only through the commandments of Him that we can return to live in the Celestial Kingdom and become exalted. I love the Plan of Salvation and I know that it is real.

Thanks for all the love and support. I´ll see you on Christmas Day!! Love you!

Love Elder Bosco II

 Luciano De Ipola´s baptism! A picture of his family

 a picture with me and Elder Paleka

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