Monday, December 7, 2015

Week #76

Hola Familia!

What a week! MARILU GOT BAPTIZED!! I can´t even tell you how happy I am. It was an incredible experience. It was so powerful. I think it was so great because we have been teaching them for a few months now and we´ve been able to see their progress. We were able to witness their wedding and we´ve been able to see many changes that have taken place from the Spirit of the Lord. She was extremely happy and ready to take this step in her life. The best part is that she made the decision to be an example to her family. Omar, her husband, was telling us during the interview that he has a goal to have an eternal family. He has the goal to baptize his two sons. He´s extremely close to enter into the waters of baptism. We need a lot of prayers for him and his family so that the Spirit can touch their hearts as it has touched the heart of Marilu. If you could, please keep in your prayers Omar, Marilu, Celeste (19), Johanna (17), Lucas (12), and Jonathan (10). It was the prayers of so many that helped Marilu make the decision to be baptized and I know it will be the same for the rest of her family. I have so much faith in prayers. Without a doubt, God answers our prayers. 

The entire Menendez Family came to church and stayed the entire time. It was a big step of progress and I was extremely happy! The ward here in General Arias is awesome. It´s growing so much. Our gospel principles class with new members and investigators is growing in number each week. We had to move to a new room with more space and two fans- because it was getting pretty hot in the other room and a bit claustrophobic haha. The numbers in the ward are growing and we´re seeing so many miracles. I´ve never had so much unity with the members and the other missionaries in our ward. We are having a blast and we´re seeing so many miracles. Without a doubt, Bahía Blanca will have a temple in the near future. 

Another great experience was with the other baptism that took place on Saturday. Elder Valle and Elder Price baptized a man named Favio Rossi. He is a Jewish descendant and because of that, he was kept some of the beliefs and traditions of the Jews. He has spent many years changing from Church to Church and has never felt like he belonged. When he talked with the missionaries, he had interest and he began to read the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon made all of the difference. Just like it says in 2 Nephi 9:1-3 and 2 Nephi 30:7, the descendents of the jews will start to believe in the words of the Book of Mormon. Even though Favio has always believed in Jesus Christ, he had to change his beliefs about the day of the Sabbath Day. He believed and lived it on Saturday, and now on Saturday. I was able to interview him and it was a great testimony to me that the prophecies in the Book of Mormon are true. It was incredible to see the conversion of Favio and the Spirit that I felt as he bore his testimony yesterday was powerful. My testimony grew concerning the power that the Book of Mormon has in converting us to the truth.

Thanks for all the love and support. I´m so blessed to be a missionary of Jesus Christ in the last days. The Lord´s hand is in EVERY part of this great work. Please keep the Menendez Family in your prayers so that they can keep progressing. Thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Bosco II
 Marilu´s baptism!!!!

 The Menendez Family after Marilu´s baptism!!
 A little Hawaiian spin the the baptism haha
 It was a great baptismal service!
 Favio Rossi, the baptism of the Elder Valle and Elder Price
Our little celebration


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