Monday, April 27, 2015

Week #44

Hola Familia!

I went on Wednesday to Bahía Blanca and picked up my new companion. There were only 5 Elders that came in this group and 4 of them were latinos. But.. my companion was the only one from the United States. He was born in New York but has lived most of his life in Henderson, Nevada. His  mom lives in Holladay, UT. and his dad lives in New York . His mom´s name is Christina Price.. maybe you know her mom. But my new companion is great! His name is Elder Sisson and he´s 23 years old. I was thinking about it the other day and all of my companions have been 2-5 years older than me haha.

I´ve learned a LOT these last few days. It´s a testimony that God calls us in our weaknesses but doesn´t see our weaknesses. Instead, the Lord sees our potential and who we will become. The Lord didn´t see a young 14 year old when he appeared to Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove, but a instrument in His hands to bring about a marvelous work and a wonder. The same is with us. As I´ve been training, sometimes I think, "it would be easier if.... or we could have more success if..." but the truth is, that isn´t how the Lord works. He doesn´t focus on our weaknesses and neither should we. Instead He has patience with us and lets us struggle until our weaknesses become strong. I´ve learned so much about how to be patient and to see the potential in everyone of His children.

I don´t know if I told you, but Martín Villilobo lives in our area and he´s going to start coming to Caisamar because it´s closer to his house. It´s a miracle because this word has more youth preparing for missions and the bishopric was just changed yesterday. The Bishop is a 37 year old that has a lot of fire about missionary work and he´ll help Martín leave on his mission. It was a testament to me that the Lord provides the ways when we have desires to serve- like Martín does. The Lord´s work is incredible!

Thanks for all the Love and Support. For those of you who are thinking about serving a mission and have doubts- SERVE one. You´ll never regret it.

Love, Elder Bosco II
[No pictures this week " I'll send them next week because this computer doesn´t work", but I did find out that his companions mom lives just a few minutes from my parents in Holladay- another new friend for me! I have made a whole new set of friends, here and in other parts of the world, thanks to my children's missions and facebook!]

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