Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #43

Hola Familia!

These ultimate 3 weeks have been crazy. I got to spend them with Elder Moreno from Columbia and it was an incredible experience. He left yesterday and he´s truly going to be missed as a missionary. He was an incredible example to me. He taught me so much about being dedicated and enduring to the end. He literally gave everything that he had to the Lord. He taught me a lot about how to be a leader and I´m extremely grateful that the Lord gave me to opportunity to serve with him for a short time. I´m definitely a better missionary because of him.

Obviously, I´m staying here in Caisamar, Mar del Plata for the next transfer. Finally I don´t have to pack my bags and leave! haha. My new companion is traveling today and I´m not sure who it is yet. I´m going to Bahía Blanca on Wednesday to pick him up because I´m TRAINING! The truth is, I´m pretty nervious because the trainer truly shapes the mission for the new missionary. I hope that I can help this missionary reach his potential and become the missionary that the Lord expects from him. But just like any responsability, as we rely on the Lord, He will lift and strengthen us in our responsibilities. I´m excited to progress and to learn a lot as a trainer. I´m excited to serve the Lord in this way.

Something cool that will happen May 17 (if that´s a Sunday) is that we get to participate in the Temple Dedication of the Córdoba Temple. All of the churches that day don´t have services and there will be 3 services in the Stake Center. I´m really excited because I haven´t participated in a Temple Dedication in quite some time. Everyone here is excited for the new temple!

Thanks for all the Love and support and prayers. The mission is the best and I´m definitely coming unto Christ more and more everyday.

Love Elder Bosco II

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