Monday, March 16, 2015

Week #38

My new companion Elder Kropelnicki. He´s from Seattle Washington. Everyone thinks we´re twins! hahaha
Hola Familia!

What a week we had! It was my first in Caisamar and we worked hard! My hand was almost bitten off by a dog and an old man started threatening us with a metal pipe because we offered his wife help, but what are you gonna do... it´s the mission! haha

I had the opportunity to go on splits with an Elder from Columbia- Elder Moreno. He´s about to finish his mission this transfer and he´s a great missionary. He taught me a lot about how to be a leader on the mission by his example. We worked really hard that day and we ran a lot. While we were waiting for the bus to return to our areas, I asked him a few things about the mission. He told me something that has stuck to my mind for a while now. He told me that the Lord expects more out of us. Isn´t that the truth. Sometimes we get too comfortable with what we are doing and many times when that happens, we go through the motion. We all need to ask ourselves. What is it that the Lord expects of me. I don´t know about you guys, but he definitely expects a lot more from me. The Savior has given us everything and has set a perfect path before us. We need to give him more of us- and part of that is helping others give more of themselves.

I was thinking about my life the other day on the mission. I noticed how many of my weaknesses that I´ve found in my life from the mission. Ether 12:27 came to my mind. If we come unto Christ, He will show us our weaknesses. If we are finding weaknesses in our lives and we have the humility to make them strengths in our lives through the Savior´s Atonement, then we are living right. It means that we are coming unto Christ. The weaknesses we have are to let us grow. We must have patience with ourselves and others because just like Brother Tyler´s mother always says, Eternal Things Grow Slowly. 
Remember that we are eternal children of God which means that our growth process is slow. Thank goodness the Atonement is eternal.

Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers. I hope everyone is preparing for General Conference in a few weeks. 
I can´t wait!! Love you all!

Love Elder Bosco II

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