Monday, March 9, 2015

Week #37

Hola Familia!

What a surprise! Elder Fallentine and I had a great week of work. I love it in Pehuajó. I feel like the Lord is helping us see our labors in this city. I thought for sure that because we arrived blind in this area, we´d both stay for transfers. I felt that there was still a lot for me to do in Pehuajó and a lot for me to learn. I prayed for a few nights that I would be able to stay and learn more-- but only if it was the will of the Lord. And well, it wasn´t the will of the Lord. I got transferred again! The same Wesley that has never liked a lot of change in his life has been transferred to 3 different places in 3 months. Yes I´m getting good at packing my bags, and yes I´m good at lugging them around. haha. The truth is the Lord has better things for me to learn in my new area.

I got transferred to Mar del Plata! I get to return! But this time I´m in a city called Caisamar. It´s like Provo/Orem to Pompeya. I´ve already been on splits in this area and I know some of the members from Stake activities. It´s so crazy to be back in a ward again. And the great news is, I´ll get to see everyone from Pompeya during stake activities! My new companion is Elder Kropelnicki (What an awesome name!) He´s from a small city close to Seattle, Washington. I already know him from the MTC and from Necochea. I´m so excited to work with him! I´ll send a picture of us two another week. I was also named District Leader here in Caisamar. I´m not really sure what to do and yes I feel inadequate, but gratefully the Lord knows what I need to do and how I need to lead. I´m extremely grateful for this opportunity to put more trust in the Lord and learn from Him.

This week in Pehuajó, we talked to an investigator and he told us that he loves talking to us, but he doesn´t want to change his life because it´s the only life that he knows. He says it´s hard for him. And the truth is-- it is hard. To let something go that is comfortable to you was, is, and will always be super hard. But sometimes we have to let go of our rust so that the Lord can polish us into the Golden person that he knows that we can become. He´s not going to force us to change. He gave us agency so that we will let Him change us. I´ve seen it on my mission. The mission changes missionaries. It´s incredible.

Thanks for all the love and support. P.S. mom- unfortunately we don´t get the chance to go to the temple during the mission. It really is tough. But at least we can prepare others and their families to go!! I love you all!

Love, Elder Bosco II

 Bye Bye Pejuajó!

 The Vila Fam

The Vila Family! (I gave them the ties you guys sent and for the picture, I wore the small one hahaha)

 Pres. Suarez and his family from Pehuajó


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