Monday, August 25, 2014

Week #9

Hola Familia,

This week was great in Pompeya. I´m still getting used to the culture and the mission life, but all is going well. I want to share some stories of things that happened this week. 
Miguel, the recent convert who is blind, received his patriarchal blessing and Elder White and I got to go and listen to it. I didn´t understand much but I did hear that he would have the chance to have an eternal family. I began to think about that. What a blessing! Eternal families are incredible. No matter how hard it is to be away from home, it´s always comforting to know that I´ll be with you guys forever. Whenever I think about that, I feel peace and the love of God and I want others to feel the same so badly! 

While contacting, Elder White answered his phone and I knocked on a door so I was by myself speaking to the old woman that answered the door. I invited her to come to church and she said that she couldn´t. (I didn´t understand everything that was happening haha) Elder White was standing right behind me and we started talking to her. She began to open up and she started crying. Her husband is really sick and she was so grateful that we stopped by. I almost started crying because I bet she was going through such a hard time. We´re teaching her later this evening and I´m so excited. We left her with a prayer and right before we left, she clasped my hand and stared into my eyes. It was probably like 5 seconds but it felt like forever. She´s ready for the gospel, I could see it in her eyes. The Spirit was incredible. I had the feeling to ask her to give her husband a blessing and she told us to stop by Monday which is today. I´m excited to teach her.

We also found Pablo and Vileria. He was smoking, but they were open to the gospel. We taught them the first lesson and I can honestly say that I´ve never thought so clearly in Spanish, even though I still struggled a lot while teaching. The spirit was strong. The gift of tongues is amazing. However, they didn´t come to church yesterday. It was disappointing. Hopefully all is well. We talked to them yesterday and we´re going to keep teaching them. They have the cutest baby, Dillan, who is one month old.

Well it rains a lot in Pompeya and the umbrella I brought is weak! It broke the first day. So when I get my money, I´ll have to buy a new one.

Other than that, I´ve already learned so much on the mission and just how much I need to rely on the Lord. We´ve seen miracle after miracle with how much the Lord blesses His missionaries.

Thanks for all the love and prayers, they mean a LOT. And I hope all is well with my friends back home. 
Go Provo! Tell Chase congrats. He´s a stud.
Love Elder Bosco II
Never forget that families are ETERNAL. Like really... FOREVER!

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