Monday, August 11, 2014

Week #7

Wesley left the MTC for Argentina today.
First we received this picture from Alexis' friend who takes the frontrunner to work everyday. Thanks Ryne. There were 80 missionaries on Frontrunner/trax that left the West MTC. 60 of them were going to Argentina. 12 0r 13 are going to Bahia Blanca.
He told us that he placed a Book of Mormon with two Norwegians who were on their way back home to Norway after visiting here.

Then we received a call from Elder Bosco from the SL airport. It was good to talk to him. Hard to say another goodbye though.

Before he left for Atlanta though he ran into Tom Holmoe on his way to somewhere else on Delta

Thanks Tom for delivering the letter and taking the picture!
He then called us from Atlanta for one last goodbye (no it doesn't get easier). And then just minutes before boarding their flight to Buenos Aires, was able to give away another Book of Mormon to a family who was looking for knowledge of Christ. Wow- What a day- and it's not over yet.

Elder Bosco should arrive in Buenos Aires at 9:00 AM Argentina time (6:00 am our time). Tuesday Morning and then take a plane? bus? to Bahia Blanca.  So, we probably won't be getting a letter until next Monday's  P-Day.
Best of Luck Elder Bosco II with the Best Two Years of your Life....
We will miss you. We love you. We know that you will be an AWESOME missionary!!


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