Monday, August 18, 2014

Week #8

Ya Fue!
Hola Familia,
What a week! Traveling was crazy but I made it safely to Argentina. My companion is Elder White and he´s from Riverton. He´s been out a year and I´m SO glad he´s my companion. We got straight to work and I put my wallet in my bag before we went tracting, IN THE CHAPEL. Well we got back and on the way to our area, we noticed that our stuff was stolen. My wallet with some cash and my debit card card. My passport, temple recommend, and drivers license were safe though. And the robber stole the phone that I was going to toss anyway. [Wes had a pay as you go phone to call us from the airport] All is well, I hope he bought something nice with the cash. And I´m sorry for the extra charges that it takes to get a new debit card. I´ll be okay until it gets here. The robber took Elder White´s wallet and camera. I can´t believe he didn´t take my camera haha that was lucky. So we´ve been having a great time with the money that we have left for this month. I already feel like I´ve known Elder White my entire life. He reminds me of Lincoln Salmon. Imagine serving a mission with Lincoln, I know... the BEST! 
The week before Elder White came and got me, his ex companion almost burned the pension down so where we live is a bit interesting. It´s been a great adventure. We´re cleaning today haha. I´ve learned a lot this week about putting off the natural man. That is my ultimate enemy. If I can put off what I think I need, all is well and I´m happy. When I think of myself, it´s hard. That´s why the mission is so great. 
We serve in a beautiful area and the beach is part of our area but I haven´t had the chance to see it yet. The area is called Mar del Plata and the area is Pompeya. The Pompeya ward is so nice and they are all so welcoming. Our investigators didn´t come to church on Sunday, but I received compliments on my castellano when I bore my testimony and introduced myself. We´re working on getting the ward to work with us as missionaries. The person that works with us the most is Miguel. He joined the church 4 months ago and he´s blind. We sometimes take him to the church and read the Book of Mormon to him. He´s been a great example to me. 
Tracting is fun and interesting because so many people don´t understand the importance of the gospel! I bear my testimony as often as I can but for now, I´m learning a lot. Elder White has taught me a lot. I´m trying to eat healthy, but there´s so much deep fried stuff and Ive kind of been forced to drink the water. The Lord will keep me healthy haha. And my Spanish is decent. I don´t understand much, but occasionally I´ll understand a few sentences. It will come with time so I´m not too worried.
Tell Collin good luck for school and all of the farewells you go to, tell them good luck. If there is one thing I´ve learned this week, it´s this. Mosiah 3:19. Put off the natural man. When something happens that´s difficult or stressful. Have the faith to say ya fue, or in other words, oh well. And KNOW that the Lord will take care of you. He´s definitely taking care of me.
Thanks for all the prayers and love. I feel it every day. Love you!
Love Elder Bosco II

At the Argentina MTC (where they ate lunch)

Buenos Aires Temple (En Route to Bahia Blanca)

With Elder Isom (one of his best friends from High School)

Elder White (his Trainer and companion)

"The living conditions look crazy, and they are, but all is well! I´m a missionary, not a king!"

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