Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week #96

Hola Familia!
It´s crazy, but I finally got to work with Elder Bates. This week we are here in Monolito II in Mar del Plata with Elder Bates and Elder Palacios. It was actually pretty funny working with Elder Bates. [Elder Bosco and Elder Bates Usually as missionaries when we say we´re both from the United States (and from Utah) they always asked us if we knew each other before we got to Argentina. I don´t think they realize that Utah is a big state. But working with Elder Bates was different because we said yes.... we DID know each other before the mission. It was pretty funny. We were asked about 4 times the other day.
We had interviews with President Cifuentes this last week and I learned so many great things. One of the things that he taught us has been on my mind for the last few days and I would like to share it with you. He told us that there will be some point in our lives (maybe we´ve already crossed it, or maybe we are crossing it) when we will have to make a decision- the path of selfishness or the path of service. He asked us which one was good and which one was bad and he told us that they were BOTH good paths because they both lead us to the Celestial Kingdom. The selfish path is the person that does everything right, they read the scriptures, pray, keep the commandments, and meet all of the requirements to enter into the Celestial Kingdom. These people think of their salvation and the salvation of their immediate family and they are happy with that. The service path are those who truly follow the example of Jesus Christ. They read the scriptures, pray, keep the commandments, and do everything they can so that they can enter the kingdom of heaven. But they do it thinking of others and serving always. Instead o being only worried for their own salvation and their immediate family, they´re worried for the salvation of Heavenly Father´s Family. They truly strive to be more through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Both paths go to the Celestial Kingdom, but one path reaches the highest degree, which is exaltation. Where am I at? I´ve been asking myself all week long. Do I serve and love for the right reasons? I hope so. If our goal truly is exaltation (and I hope it is) then are we truly striving to become charitable even as our Savior. It´s definitely a work to be done. We must progress little by little. I have no doubt that if we properly use the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we will be able to accomplish all that we need to. That´s my hope and my prayer.
Thanks for all the love and support! Congrats on finishing another year at BYU- especially Alexis for graduating! I´m so proud of you!
Love, Elder Bosco II

My life on a cot haha

 Serving with Elder Bates!

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