Friday, April 8, 2016

week #93

Hola Familia!

I absolutely loved General Conference again. As I sat there hearing the last song from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Sunday Evening, it hit me that it would be my last Conference on the mission. It made me sad because I know that it will never be the same. It made me think about the last Conference that I watched before the mission. I´m not going to lie, it feels like that was yesterday. In the beginning of this week we worked with Elder Bowen (from the MTC) and Elder Maldonado (again because he got transferred.. lucky him haha) in Villa Mitre here in Bahía Blanca. We spent a few days working hard with them and tonight we´re going to Pehuajó to work with Elder Paternina (from Columbia). I´m super excited because I served in Pehuajó over a year ago and it was one of my favorite transfers in all of the mission. I´m excited to see how the people are doing!

One thing I noticed about the Apostles and Prophets when they speak, is that they are living testimonies of the gospel. They always share personal experiences on how they´ve seen the gospel work in their lives. They find such a deep meaning to everyday events. I loved what Elder Stevenson shared with us about losing his car keys. Something so simple that helps us learn about the restoration of the Priesthood keys through the Prophet Joseph Smith. Other Apostles shared stories that enlighten our mind to the mysteries of the gospel. I began to think why I can´t do that more with my life. Why can´t I be so in-tune with the Spirit that I see everything through spiritual eyes. Well the Lord gave me an opportunity to learn something like that yesterday through a mistake we made. It was a mistake, but I learned a lot. haha

Last night we were in the Bus Terminal waiting for our 7:30 bus to go to Pehuajó. We got to the terminal at about 6:45 and we waited for the bus to get there. We were in the right spot. Buses came and left and we kept waiting. Finally 7:30 arrived and the bus we thought we were waiting for hadn´t come yet. There were other buses but we didn´t think it was ours because it wasn´t the bus we thought it would be. A few of the buses left and 7:40 came around. The bus still hadn´t gotten to the terminal. 15 minutes after the appointed time, we started wondering if we had missed our bus. And we realized very shortly after that yes, we had missed it. Dang it... Those buses are pretty expensive and we felt terrible. We talked to some people working and they said that there was nothing that they could do. We had lost the bus, the ticket, and the money. I said a little prayer and I felt peaceful and calm. I had a feeling to talk to a lady at a different booth. She was extremely nice and somehow she allowed us to change our already invalid ticket for a ticket the next night. What a miracle and blessing. Being a lot more eased at mind, I began to think about the situation that had just occurred. We had been in the right place at the right time, but we missed the bus. It came and stopped right in front of our eyes and we missed it. It wasn´t what we thought it was. It was there for over 15 minutes and we let it go by because we weren´t truly prepared.

As I pondered on what had happened, the Spirit enlightened my mind to realize that the second coming of Jesus Christ will come in a similar fashion. First of all, many people aren´t prepared for it. And they will obviously miss it. But I´m thinking more as members of the Church with tickets. We know it´s coming. We know the signs. Just as we had tickets with the time and place that it was going to arrive. But if we aren´t alert and spiritually awakened. The Lord will come and we will have no idea. He will wait there and we will have no idea. And finally it will be too late. And after it´s all said and done, we won´t have time to look for the bus because it is too late. The faithful covenant people of the Lord have already taken the bus and we were sitting around looking for something else. I pray that I will be prepared for the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope it won´t pass any of us like the bus passed us in front of our eyes. If we keep our covenants faithfully, I´m sure that we will have no problem when He comes again. He will come soon. I know that without any doubt.

Thanks for the prayers, love and support. Have a great week. Love you all!

Love, Elder Bosco II
Watching the Priesthood Session

Alexis, Belen and Tiziano

With members from Cerri (Bahía Blanca)
Omar and Marilu Menendez

Member from Arias (Bahía Blanca)

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