Thursday, April 14, 2016

Week #94

Hola Familia!

I had a pretty great week. A lot of blessings and small hugs from Heavenly Father. I had the awesome opportunity to return to Pehuajó and to see the progress that has taken place there. The Vila Family is doing alright. They were extremely active until about February. They were planning on going to the temple with goals and everything, but it has been pretty hard for Vanesa. She has experienced opposition and trials and she is struggling with her testimony. But Alejandro is still very strong but he doesn´t know what to do. We shared with him that of the importance of building his own life upon the rock of Jesus Christ. As he does that, we told him that his family will follow him. It was a sweet experience being able to see him. I wasn´t able to see Vanesa or the kids, but it was a treat to see Alejandro with a firm testimony in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please keep them in your prayers. I pray for them often so that they can make it to the temple. Elder Paternina (The Zone Leader in Pehuajó that is Branch President there right now told me that he is doing everything to help the Vila Family make it to the temple). It put me at peace knowing that such a great Elder is praying and looking out for them.

I think the sweetest experience of the week was during the testimony meeting on Sunday. We met in a different rented home that is a lot cleaner and brighter. The Spirit was very strong and there were 4 couples there that were inactive when I was there a year ago. Elder Paternina is working hard to help them all get sealed in the temple. I sat next to Hno. Llanos. Him and his wife were very active many years ago until they got offended with the leaders in the church and went inactive. When Elder Fallentine and I got to Pehuajó, we established a good relationship with them. We often visited them to exhort them to return to church. Many times the conversations ended up being a little frank, to the point, and a little hard for the harded heart people. I often felt that maybe we were wasting time with them because they would never accept what we were saying. They would always complain and argue about something. I can honestly say, one full year later, that the Lord does His work in His own time. He can soften the heart of anyone. Let me tell you how..

When I visited the Llanos family, Hna. Llanos answered the door happy to see me and one of the first things she did to me was apologize. (Huh???) Yes, she apologized to me for the arguments that she started with us. She told me that she was extremely grateful that we had visited them and shared with them those messages. Hno. Llanos (who was even less attentive than Hna. Llanos at the time) told me with tears in his eyes that it was because of those visits a year ago that they are active in the Church. They have changed. They let go of the natural man and changed. Elder Paternina told me that Hno. Llanos is one of the strongest men at church right now. Hno. Llanos told me that he would never forget our names in his household. I start to ask myself, what did I do? I thought I felt like I was wasting time with them when I was here a year ago... Oh that´s right. I didn´t do anything. The Lord did it ALL. Once again, I was the recipient of a blessing from our Heavenly Father.

Let me tell you one thing, the mission is incredible. I will be sad when it´s over.

Thanks for all the love and support. Have a great week! Love you!

Love, Elder Bosco II

The new church in Pehuajó. It´s so much better! but still a little rented home.


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