Friday, March 25, 2016

Week #91

Hola Familia!

This week we are in Mar del Plata again and we´re working with Elder Valenzuela (from Chile) and Elder Maldonado (from Uruguay). I´ve learned a lot this week and I wanted to share with you something that has been the very focus of our work for the last month and a half- efficiency. Elder Dement and I are trying to help the leaders in the mission work more efficiently. Working efficiently is something that I´ve learned a lot of with Elder Dement because he is an example of working like that. Everything he does he does efficiently so that his time is well spent. And just like every other missionary that has ever served the mission, we realize that when our two years our running out, we look for ways to get more out of our time. I´ve asked myself that a lot lately, "how can I get more use out of our time?"

These last few weeks I´ve realized that the Holy Ghost is the most efficient worker in the world. If we work with Him, especially on the mission, we are working efficiently. What we´ve found with missionaries is that the Spirit only comes when you let it come. This means that we need to be obedient, organize our work, and have a clean house. Even though we only have a few days in each area, we realize that it´s worth out time to clean the house and organize the work on a map. Doing these things allows the Spirit to be with us as we plan for our days at night. I have found also that being clean and organized actually allows us to be obedient. It´s becoming a lot more clear to me which Elders  work efficiently because they do the little things necesary to have the Spirit with them. When we allow the Spirit to dwell with us in our homes, we can leave in the street and preach the gospel with the power and authority of God. And the greatest part is that the Spirit is with us testifying our the words that leave our mouths. We have seen the success and fruits as we do this because we just found out this week that the zone leaders from Viedma, Necochea, and Santa Rosa all have a baptism for this weekend. What a blessing it was for us to hear of their success!

I´ve been extremely blessed to be able to work with Elder Dement because he has taught me so many things about how to work hard. Just his example has helped me improve and become better. I´ll be blessed for the rest of my life from what he has taught me.

Thanks for all the love and support! I´m so happy to hear about the temple dedication in Provo! I hope everyone is doing well!

Love Elder Bosco II

Elder Yeates just sent me these pictures haha. He´ll be a good friend after the mission at BYU

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