Friday, March 11, 2016

Week #89

Mini golden gate bridge in Necochea
 I also visited the Laguna Family! The kids are doing great!
Santa Rosa, La Pampa!
Santa Rosa, La Pampa!
I got to visit Ruben Cardenau when I was in Necochea. He´s doing awesome! He receives his endowment on March 25 and he told us that he has done temple work for his family 5 generations back. It´s a pretty cool story, I´ll tell you one day.

Hola Familia!

This week has been great! We have been working in Santa Rosa with Elder Chronister and Elder Valle. They are both great friends and outstanding missionaries. Yesterday I worked with Elder Chronister and I loved it. I think our relationship is similar to that of Dallin´s and Elder Bean´s. I feel like I´ve known Elder Chronister my entire life and that we´ve always been great friends. It´s weird how we had to meet up in Argentina to get to know each other. haha. I hope that Elder Chronister´s mom can get this letter. I just want her to know that she has an amazing son. He´ll never know how much he´s taught me in the time we´ve known each other. He´s definitely one of the best missionaries out here. He works hard and it´s very clear that the Spirit is with him and guides him constantly. It was fun contacting and teaching with him because it all seemed natural. I´ve never been his companion but we already knew how the other teaches so we were able to have some cool experiences. I´d like to share one with you all that we experienced together yesterday.

In the morning we were looking for a way to print out a big map of the area and while we were walking, we stopped and started talking to a man, Toledano. He was about 60 years old and he started telling us that his wife was doing some tests on her body in the hospital. She has been in bad health and they had to come to Santa Rosa to get these tests done. He told us that they were from a little city with about 600 habitants and they had to drive a few hours to get to Santa Rosa. Because he has almost always lived in this little city, he had never seen missionaries before. We felt that we should offer him a blessing. We told him that we held the Priesthood of God and that we were able to give blessings of health to all who need them. He loved the idea and he asked us to come back that night at 7 oclock. He showed us what hotel they were staying in and then we left. We got there at night and he was waiting for us. He welcomed us back to his hotel room and we entered. His wife was laying on the bed and they were getting ready to leave Santa Rosa and return to their home. They waited until we got there because they wanted a blessing. We explained to them what a blessing was and then we layed our hands upon her head and gave her (her name was Santa) a Priesthood blessing. She sat still without saying a word but every time words came out of my mouth, I could hear Toledano whisper "amen, amen, amen" with his head bowed and his arms folded. I can´t remember all of the words that I said, but I surely remember the Spirit that I felt. Even more than that, I remember feeling the faith of Toledano and Santa. They had no idea who we were. The only thing they knew is that we were two young boys from the U.S. with a white shirt and tie and that we represented Jesus Christ. Even though they didn´t understand the Priesthood, they recognized us as having something special from God. It was sincere faith and trust that Toledano had in his Savior Jesus Christ and his Heavenly Father. We walked away knowing that we may never see those two again, but knowing that we had been instruments in the Lord´s hands. Elder Chronister and I talked afterwards and agreed that the preparation to that blessing started a long time ago. It has been some time now since we´ve been spiritually preparing to give blessings from the Lord.

That was one of the experiences that I had yesterday with Elder Chronister that strengthened my testimony in the work of the Lord. As we do our part (which is really small) the Lord will do the rest. 

Love, Elder Bosco II

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