Friday, March 4, 2016

Week #88

Hola Familia!

Mom, I´ll  write you about the BYU school stuff on a different email. I can´t believe I´m already talking about things like that. Time goes by so fast. This week we were in Necochea with Elder Yeates and Elder Osorio. I´ve lived with the both of them a little while back. They´re great friends and great missionaries. I´m also hoping to see some people from Necochea Centro where I served a year ago (and where Elder Isom served). I´m going to see Ruben in a few days. He´s planning on receiving his endownments at the end of this month. I´m extremely excited for him.

I had a real cool experience this week that made me think a lot and helped me understand the Book of Mormon a little better. I was working with Elder Osorio and we visited an investigator, Juan, that is blind. We brought him the 4th volume (of 7) of the Book of Mormon in Braille. The Book is huge and it´s impressive how Juan reads it so fast. Each week he asks for a new volume. While we were teaching yesterday, I had the impression to read 3 Nephi 11 with him. Elder Osorio and I read it out loud as he listened. I will never forget the Spirit of enlightment that I received as we read the verse when the Savior invited everyone to come to Him and feel the marks in His hands and His side. Thinking about Juan, I realized that he does about everything with his touch. He has to touch to get around, he needs to touch and feel when he reads, and just about everything he does has to do with the way he feels things on his hands. What a great blessing it will be the day that Juan touches and feels the Savior´s hands. I have no doubt that he will know that it´s the Savior. He will know that it truly was Him who died on the cross for Him.

I started thinking about us. Many of us have the blessing of being able to see, but are we spiritually blind? Will we be able to see and feel the Savior´s hands and know that it´s Him? I think we will be able to, well at least I hope we will be able to. Will we recognize Him? Will we know that it´s the only Begotten Son of the Father? Will we have a testimony of His atoning sacrifice? Again, I´m not sure, but I´d like to think that we would. We are members of His Church because we are preparing ourselves and this world for when He comes again. What a great responsibility and blessing!

Thanks for all the love and support! Good luck to everyone heading out on the mission! Work hard out there!

Love, Elder Bosco II
We made a little friend at the Bus Terminal coming home from Viedma last week
The week in Viedma (with the Elders and Church Leaders)

 Elder Yeates and I in some kind of leather store haha


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