Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #74

Hola Familia!

I can´t believe basketball season is starting again. I still remember the last year when you told me that and it feels like yesterday. Time goes extremely fast and I can´t believe it. And just so you know, I´m not jealous that you´re going to Hawaii because I´m living with an Hawaiian. We cooked some Hawaiian food and it turned out a lot cheaper than it would in Hawaii haha.Yesterday we had some pretty fun cooking because we had to stay in the apartment all day after Church. Yesterday was the final election for President here in Argentina and they told us that we couldn´t leave. It felt like a Sunday at home. And although it was a great rest, I´m glad that we can start working again.

We´re still working a lot with the Menendez Family. They know that they need to get baptized, but they feel like they´re not ready and they don´t feel ready to take on that kind of commitment. We were going to announce their baptism yesterday but they talked to us in the morning and told us that they didn´t want to get baptized this week. They want to wait a little bit more time. As a missionary, it hurts when people don´t do the things that you know are best for them. But just like the Savior, we can´t obligate nor force anyone. We must invite with the Spirit so that the Spirit can soften and change their hearts. Knowing this, I got off the phone with MariLu in the morning and felt the impression to say a pray. I got on my knees and prayed and asked that the Lord would touch the speakers and the teachers so that they would say the things that Omar and MariLu needed to hear. I prayed that they would recognize the Spirit. I finished the prayer and felt peace that the Lord is working with them and that they will progress on His time and when they are ready. I truly know that God answers prayers, because He answered mine. Omar and MariLu made it to Church before the Sacrament and it was full of the Spirit as always. The Youth that graduated from Seminary bore small testimonies, and then Hermana Gutierrez spoke. She´s the Gospel Principles teacher and she spoke about enduring to the end. I don´t remember exactly what she said, but I remember thinking and feeling that this is exactly what Omar and MariLu needed to hear. It was unbelievable. I prayed and prayed that they would stay for the Gospel Principles class to hear Hermana Gutierrez again. (Omar had knee surgery last week and was hobbling around, that´s why I thought they were going to head home). Heavenly Father answered my prayers again and they stayed! In the class we talked about the Family and responsibilities of each member of the family. The Spirit was incredible, especially when Hermana Gutierrez closed her testimony about how she wants to see each one of us in the temple. She closed with tears in her eyes and I know that the Spirit was felt. MariLu felt the Spirit without a doubt. She was crying and I knew that the Lord had answered my simple but fervent prayer that I offered that morning. I´m still hoping and praying that they will feel prepared, but I know that as we do all we can, the rest is put in the Lord´s hand.

Our Heavenly Father truly answers our prayers. He hears and answers each one of them on His time. I love the mission because I feel so close to my Heavenly Father and I feel that I can talk to Him like a friend.

Thanks for all the love and support. Good luck in basketball this week! Do some work Collin! Love you!

Love, Elder Bosco II
We marinated meat with vegetables Saturday night and it was a delicious Sunday dinner in the apartment!


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