Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #73

Hola Familia!

It hurts me to hear all of the sad things that are happening in this world. Just like the scriptures and prophets warn, if we don´t keep the commandments of the Lord, we will be destroyed just like the Jaredites and Nephites were. But if we keep our covenants and listen to the Prophet, we will be okay! And for that, I´m super grateful and happy. I don´t think that there is a better and safer place to be than on the mission serving the Lord. 

We had transfers this week and luckily I get to stay here in Bahía Blanca ( the area is called General Arias) with Elder Paleka. Actually, all of the elders in the apartment stay also. I´m really excited because we´ll be here for Christmas!! The zone didn´t have many changes easier which makes me really happy because we have great Elders here in Bahía Blanca that are progressing a lot.

The reason that I´m most excited to stay here in General Arias is because we are working with a lot of people and seeing a lot of success. First off all, thank you for all of your prayers! Omar and Mari Lu Menendez GOT MARRIED! It was such an awesome experience. They´ve been together for 20 years and they have 4 children and they never got married. The man doing the wedding why they decided to get married and they said, "They are getting married for God and so they can have an eternal family." It was the Spirit of the Lord that softened their hearts and strengthened their faith enough to make this decision. And because they fulfilled the Law of Chastity (which they have been breaking for 20 years) the Lord instantly blessed. There family is more unified and they are filled with happiness. Mari Lu is filled with so much light and she received a relief that can only come from the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was a clear difference and she wants to keep progressing! She wants to get baptized a lot, but she wants to be able to do it with Omar. Omar wants to get baptized, but he wants to read more, study more, learn more, and prepare more. He´s awesome and I know the Spirit will testify to him that he IS ready and that it´s just the first step to achieve an eternal family. The kids will start progressing more when school ends here. We´re praying so that each one of them can make the decision to have an eternal family through baptism and confirmation of the Holy Ghost.

We´re also working with a woman called Flor. She has come to church for the last 4 weeks and is very prepared to be baptized, but she´s not married. The issue of marriage is big here just like it is around the world. She´s doing well and progressing but we´re praying so that her husband´s heart is softened so that he decides to get married to her.

Thanks for all the love and support. I love you all so much. Have a great week!

Love Elder Bosco II
Omar and Mari Lu´s wedding!!!

 Finally! They got married!
Wedding (it kind of looks like the outside of a temple haha)

 Me, Omar, Mari Lu, Elder Paleka, Elder Price, Elder Valle

 The entire Menendez Family!

( from left to right: Lucas, Joana, Omar, Mari Lu, Jonny, Celeste)

Please keep them in your prayers! They are progressing so well and they need all the blessings from the Spirit! Thanks!!


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