Monday, October 5, 2015

Week #67

Hola Familia!

I had such a great week. The weekend was the greatest ever. We´ve been working with a little old lady named Mirta. She has talked to missionaries for a long time, but was never prepared to get baptized. She smoked all of her life and she finally stopped 6 years ago because she had to. The doctors took 6 or 7 black balls of nicotene from her lungs. And she´s still living- she always says, "Thanks to God, I´m living free." Then last year, the missionaries talked to her and taught her, but she was living with her husband- but they weren´t married. So the missionaries stopped visiting and teaching her. A few weeks ago, we contacted Mirta in the street and started talking to her. We started teaching her with a member and the lessons were always filled with the Spirit. The mention of the name of Jesus Christ and her eyes were already filled with tears. She´s very sensitive to the whisperings of the Spirit. She understood that it wasn´t obligation and she wanted to get baptized- but she has fear of water. She told us that her faith in Jesus Christ makes it so she´s not scared. Also, she seperated from her spouse a little while back, and she knew that she could get baptized now because she was fulfilling God´s commandments. 

Her baptism was an incredible experience FILLED with the Spirit. On October 2, exactly 6 years from stopping smoking, Mirta got baptized. She entered the waters trembling. Her whole body was shaking. She got in the water, was baptized by Priesthood authority, and came out of the water with a light. What I remember is that her face was light up. She looked up at the heavens soaking wet and said, "Oh Dios mío. Gracias por eso. No puedo creerlo." Then Mirta (65 years old) gave the biggest hug to Elder Dement. I cannot deny the Spirit that was felt in that room. Every member and investigator that came was filled with the same feeling that I was. She was truly forgiven of all of her sins. It was an experience that I will never forget. Please keep her in your prayers so that she can stay on this great path of happiness!

Omar and Mari Lu came to the baptism! They are getting married on November 11 so that they can get baptized. They have 4 children some of them came to a session of General Conference. The Menendez Family is incredible, but the adversary is working hard so that they doubt the importance of marriage and baptism. Please keep them in your prayers as well. Omar, Mari Lu, Celeste, Johana, Lucas, Joni. I can´t even begin to explain to you the changes that have taken place this last week in Omar´s life. He´s starting to pray and read and taking a lot more interest in the lessons. It´s incredible the way that the Spirit works.

One thing that I took away from Conference that I will never forget is that I KNOW that the 12 apostles and the First Presidency is called of God. These truly are the Lord´s chosen servants on the earth today. Their counsel is the Lord´s counsel. Elder Bednar said something that hit my heart. When these men make a decision together, it is much stronger and much intellectually advanced than the human mind can make. These men are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit and by our loving Heavenly Father.

We had transfers yesterday and I´m staying here in General Arias in Bahía Blanca. Elder Dement left to Mar del Plata and my new companion is ELDER PALEKA. We´re really good friends and we served in the same zone in Mar del Plata. He´s from Hawaii and the first thing he pulled out of his suitcase was Hawaiian popcorn- I can´t explain it, but it was Good! haha

Thanks for all the love and support! I love you all!

Love, Elder Bosco II
 President Cifuente´s home for a Leadership conference!

President Cifuente´s home for a Leadership conference!
Mirta got baptized!

 pictures from her baptism!
Monte Hermoso

 World Wide Service Projects- Mormon Hands Help (Something like that). We picked up garbage and took away all of the trash that causes mosquitos to come during the summer.
 Monte Hermoso
 The Menendez Family!

 My new companion, Elder Paleka from Hawaii
 Watching the Priesthood Session in Pres. Cifuente´s home!!  

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