Monday, September 28, 2015

Week #66

Hola Familia!
First off, I got the package from Mar Del Plata! We had a leadership conference and all of the leaders come to Bahía Blanca to listen to President Cifuentes. I learned a lot from him. He truly stresses the importance of love and service. We even had the opportunity to have him speak in our ward on Sunday and it was incredible. He asked us all why we were here at church. He told us the reasons why he was there. He said two simple things- 1.Eternal Families 2. Service. He talked about how we are all one big family and how God´s plan is that ALL of us return to His presence. That´s where the service comes in. We must serve all of God´s children so that ALL of us can return to God´s presence. That´s what I want- I want to be able to return to God´s presence with ALL of my family and friends.
Unfortunately, Vitelli started smoking again and this time he told us that he doesn´t want to learn more. We left him with our testimony and a good friendship, and then we put him in the area book. Right now he doesn´t want to change, but in the near future he will be more prepared. It´s hard to let go of investigadors, but the gift of agency is real and God has given it to each and every one of us. We´re teaching a few people that are amazing! Mirta is going to get baptized one of these next few weeks. Please pray for her so that she´ll be able to keep progressing. We also found a family (The Cuestas Family) that are listening to us because they feel something special about us. We had a great lesson with them on Saturday, but they couldn´t come to church because of problems with work. Pray for them so that they can make it to General Conference and watch it with us. I´ll keep you updated on the progress of them.
For P-Day, we had a zone P-day and we went to a place called Monte Hermoso. It´s so beautiful. It´s on the cost and it´s a little city that reminds me a lot of downtown Park City. I took a lot of pictures, but I´m not going to send them this week because I don´t have too much confidence in these computers here in Monte Hermoso. I don´t want to get a virus and lose everything hahah. Look Monte Hermoso up on the internet, it´s an hour outside of the city of Bahía Blanca. President Cifuentes encouraged us to have these P-days as zones to help the missionaries feel like part of a family and to relax and have fun. We had a great time playing volleyball on the beach. It was windy so there was literally NOBODY. We had a great time!
Thanks for all the love and support. Have a great week preparing yourselves for General Conference!!!
Love Elder Bosco II

Thanks to Elder Dements family for this picture of Elder Bosco and Elder Dement

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