Monday, October 26, 2015

Week #70

Hola Familia!!

You´ll have to tell me if my English sounds weird. I seriously can´t speak in English sometimes because the words come out sounding funny.I´m literally turning into an Argentine haha. Just kidding. When summer hits my hair gets super blonde and my face gets super red. Everyone realizes that I´m not Argentine haha. Thinking about this week, I would like to tell you about some personal experiences and personal progression that I´ve had this week. Looking back on just a week of progression, I realize just how much I love the mission. It´s incredible!

We had interviews with President Cifuentes on Thursday and it was an incredible experience. We talked about a lot of things that filled me with the Spirit. I can feel his love and it brought me closer to the love that the Savior has for me. After I asked him some questions he told me that he had some questions for me. I was ready. Word for word, he asked me the questions of worthiness for a temple recommend. I haven´t heard these questions in quite some time and it filled me with the Spirit of the Lord. I can´t tell you the feelings that I had and that I felt. I confidently answered each one of the questions and halfway through the interview, the Spirit penetrated my heart even deeper. I started to feel like I was in the temple. Tears came to my eyes and I felt for a moment that I was in the Celestial Room. The power of the Holy Ghost is incredible. I left the interview feeling like I had walked out of the temple and I began to realize just how much I miss it! Thinking about the interview, I realized just how important is to have a temple recommend always and to be worthy of it. If we are worthy of a temple recommend now, we will be worthy of a place in the Celestial Kingdom in the future. The Spirit filled me that day and I was filled with desires to do good.

Another experience that I had this week came from counsel from President Cifuentes on how we can elevate the Sabbath Day in our lives. How understanding the sacredness of the Chapel and treating it with more reverence would help us feel the Spirit more during the Sacrament and throughout the day. I put it to the test and I can say that I was filled with the Spirit during the Sacrament. I´m trying to treat sacred things with more reverence. I know that as I do it, the Lord will be more willing to bless me with His sacred gift- His Holy Spirit.

I hope everyone is doing well. For now, the weather is great- we haven´t hit the heat yet. I hope everyone can become closer to Jesus Christ this week and recognize the power of the Spirit in your lives. Thanks for all the love and support!

Love, Elder Bosco II

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