Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week #69

Hola Familia!

First off, the questions about the ward I´m in. We´re in a pretty big ward, about 90 people come every week. We don´t have any assignments and we don´t have to teach a class or anything- it´s great. In our zone, there are 16 missionaries- 10 Elders and 6 Sisters. As well as zone leaders, we´re District leaders to half of them. It´s an incredible experience and I´m learning so much. Each Elder is very different but I´ve grown a love for each and every one of them. Their personal progress and service to the Lord is very important to Jesus Christ. President Cifuentes wants us to help them become better than they are now, whether it´s 1% better, or whether their life is changed. As for their investigadors, the missionaries have it all on their own. We help if they ask for help. We are completely focused on the Spirituality and well-being of each missionary. I´ve grown in so many ways serving under President Cifuentes. He tells us that we have to jobs as leaders- to love and to serve.

This week was great because Mirta was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You might be wondering why she wasn´t confirmed earlier... I´ll tell you why haha. She had to wait until after General Conference to be confirmed. We taught her throughout the week and the Spirit was incredibly strong. Saturday night we taught her about the Spirit and she was excited to come the next day. When we went to her house to pick her up in the morning- she wasn´t there. We had no idea where she was and she wasn´t answering her phone. I just didn´t understand. We had taught her with the Spirit as often as we could and we prayed like crazy for her. I didn´t understand what had happened. Even though I was filled with a little stress, I knew that the situation was in the Lord´s hand. We got a hold of her in the afternoon and she told us that right after we had left, she found out that her aunt had passed away. On Sunday morning she went to the cemetary for a ceremony. We took the opportunity to teach her about temples and baptisms for the dead throughout the week. The Spirit was incredible every time we testified to her and taught her. We taught her every day and prayed like crazy so that she would be able to be confirmed without the doubting power of Satan. She was extremely nervous on Sunday morning, but she was confirmed and she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. I will never forget the look in her eyes after the confirmation. She was filled with light and tears in her eyes. The Spirit of the Lord was powerful.

We visited her on Sunday evening and we gave her a little gift for Mother´s Day. She told us that nobody had every said "Happy Mother´s Day" to her before. She was extremely grateful and she got talking to us. She told us about a dream that she had had over 6 years ago when she was still smoking and drinking. She saw a celestial being in her dream with a white robe and white hair. It was very bright and she couldn´t see the person´s face. She told us that this person said words that have stuck in her mind ever since. The person said, "If you were to see my face right now, you would go blind." These words have stuck in her mind for years now. We had the confidence and peace to testify to her that being baptized and confirmed in the Church of Jesus Christ is the first step to be able to return in the presence of God. Not only in his presence, but with the ability to see His face and to hug Him.

I realized just how much Mirta and her experiences are changing my life and strengthening my own testimony. That´s what the mission does for you. When you go out to serve others, the only thing that happens is tha Lord helps YOU grow. It´s an incredible process.

Thanks for all the love and support. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Bosco II
A recorded message and a song from Elder Bosco- click on the links to listen

Subject: ¡Feliz Día de la Madre!

Elder Paleka and I sang a hymn for you for Mother´s Day to keep the tradition from the last Mother´s Day with Elder White. The song is called "Brillan Rayos de Clemencia"

I sang the first verse, Elder Paleka sang the second verse, and we sang together the third verse. The chorus we always sang together. I hope it turned out well hahah

This years Mother's Day Song from Elder Bosco and Elder Paleka


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