Monday, September 21, 2015

Week #65

Hola Familia!

This week was incredible and I learned a few things about the power of the Spirit in this great work. Two people came to church this week!- Vitelli and Mirta. First off with Vitelli, unfortunately, he was tempted and he smoked a cigarrette and drank a little. He was disappointed and very discouraged. He took down all the encouraging posters that we put in his house and told us that he didn´t think that he could do it anymore. I learned this week just how encouraging the Spirit is. We testified to Vitelli just how much the Lord loves him and how he suffers every time he picks up a cigarette to smoke one. I felt the Spirit encourage Vitelli and let him know that he truly could overcome this addiction in his life. He pulled out the pack of cigarettes that he had in his pocket and gave us the rest and told us that he wanted to stop for good. We told him that he can´t do it alone and that he NEEDS the help of God. He NEEDS to come to Church so that he has strength throughout the week to overcome temptations. He came to Church, and I know that the Lord will bless him for that. Please keep praying for Vitelli. He can do it!

We talked to Mirta in the Street a few weeks ago, but she never was able to come to Church. We visited her on Tuesday with a member and I know that she was ready to feel the Spirit in this momento. We taught her about baptism and she told us (even though she´s 70 years old and fear of water) that she wants to get baptized. She said, “I don´t know what it is, but I feel something in my heart that is telling me ´Do It!´” We taught her that that was the Spirit and that God is talking to her. Every time we had the chance to share a scripture with her during the week, she always ended up crying and telling us how much she wants to follow God and be clean. She seriously is very sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  The best was during Sacrament Meeting. I sat down by her and we just sat listening to the prelude music in the chapel. She looked at me and asked me if it was weird that she feels like crying when she hears this music. I took the opportunity to share with her that she was feeling the Spirit and that she was going to feel this feeling during all of the meetings. I told her that the feeling was good and that it was from God. She felt this feeling even stronger during the Sacrament. When the Sacrament started, she grabbed her chest and she started breathing a little harder, sighed, then said “O Dios”. From what I could tell from the situation, she was feeling a burning in her bosom. (Either that or she was having a small heart attack haha) The Spirit was incredibly strong and I began to think about the POWER the Spirit has in our lives. I began to think just how strong the Spirit especially when someone isn´t used to feeling it in their lives. When they recognize the Spirit for the first time, it´s overpowering. For me, I´ve always been surrounded by the Spirit and I received the gift of the Spirit at 8 years old. I´ve felt it powerfully in my life, but I´ve always known that it was a blessing from God. I thought, for those who don´t know, it´s an odd feeling, one you can´t explain, but one that you want with you forever.

How many times have I taken the influence and power of the Spirit for granted in my life? When God blesses us in this way, the best way we can thank Him is to recognize the Spirit and share it with others. The Lord´s mercy is over all of us and He wants to bless us with His Spirit.

Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers. Have a great week!

Love Elder Bosco II

Digging holes for a service project (pozo ciego for the bathroom-sewage system or something)

 Elder Dement in the hole (it´s called a pozo ciego)

One week letter in the hole- It´s at 2.5 meters and we need to hit water at about 4 meters!

We cooked a big chicken pot pie- it´s called a TARTA

With Elder Chronister (his friend that was stabbed few months ago-thankfully he's doing well!)

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