Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week #59

The Church in General D. Cerri

 We can´t ride bikes anymore because it´s a rule in the mission, but it was fun while it lasted! haha
 There is a soccer club that is from the little pueblo in Cerri. It´s calles Sansinena and a contact let us take a picture with his drums. They are crazy here about this team!

Hola Familia!
We realized that yesterday was the day we got here in Argentina- 1 year ago. I´m pretty sure I´m officially a citizen here in Argentina now!
 I can´t believe that Russell is already engaged! He hasn´t even written me yet! Somebody pressure him so he can write me! 
I´m writing today because on Monday we had a leadership meeting with President Cifuentes. It was incredible meeting and I learned so many things. Then on Tuesday we had zone conferences and I was filled with the Spirit once again. It´s been a great week and I´ve received many Spiritual knowledge and blessings.
One of the things that we are focusing on as leaders is being 100% obedient to the Mission Manual. But before we can teach the zone to be obedient, we have to be obedient ourselves. I´ve been striving even more to be obedient. And something that I have learned is that it´s impossible to obedient unless both companions are on the same page. (And yes, it goes the same for a successful marriage). So what I´ve learned, is that it´s important to be obedient and help others be the same. Having an attitude of serving others so that they can be obedient is what I´ve been focusing on. For example, if someone has a hard time with something, the best way to help them is to be the best example that you can and look for ways to lift them up so that they can react to your example. I´m pretty sure the Savior was that way. He saw many imperfect people here on the earth but he never condemned any of them. He loved them and looked for ways to help them change without forcing a change.We talked about how this is a way that others can hear the voice of their Shepard. I know that the Savior is the best example of a leader.
Something that I thought about during the zone conference that we had came directly from the Spirit. Pres. Cifuentes talked to us about how INDIVIDUAL the plan of salvation is for each and every one of us. and how the Atonement is just as personal. I thought about the pre-earth life and about the life that we were about to live- full of trials, heart aches, sorrows, and difficulties.  I feel like Heavenly Father sat down and had an interview with each and everyone of us and showed us the plan that He had for us. What exactly we would experience and how we would need to learn about His gospel. I feel like we accepted this plan with a lot of encouragement from our Savior as He told us what He would do for us when he came to the earth. The Savior of the world accomplished His plan, and we can do the same. Remember if you are experiencing something rough in your life- seek the Spirit and the power of the Atonement. It´s personal. The Savior did it for YOU and ME on a personal level so that we can live again with our Heavenly Father. I know that this is why we are here.
Thanks for all the love and support and prayers.
Love Elder Bosco II

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