Monday, July 13, 2015

Week #55

Hola Familia!

I seriously can´t believe that Dallin is home from the mission. It has been such an incredible experience serving in the mission field with a brother- an experience that I´ll never forget. I´m so grateful for the example that Dallin has been for me and I´m glad I still have time left to be a missionary of the Lord.

It´s incredible the way the Lord works. After 4 and a half months in an area, one starts to ask themselves, What did I actually accomplish here? I can never truly answer that question. Every time I try to answer that question, I feel like I hadn´t accomplished anything. I feel like I made many mistakes, and I feel like I could have been a lot better in many areas. But just when I have to leave an area of people that I love and care for, the Spirit filled me with the correct answer. I was amazed to see the number of people that were touched by the Spirit as I strive to give my best for the Lord. I was able to see so many miracles and I can´t even begin to tell how grateful I am to the Lord for the time that I had in Caisamar. Martín told me that at least he got to accompany me for  half of my mission- wow has he changed a lot. We got to see the miracle of Karen and Karina Molinas who are now stronger than ever in the Church. The more I think about what I did and accomplished in this area, the more the Spirit tells me the true answer. I did nothing- The Lord did EVERYTHING.

And it´s my testimony that it will be like this in my new area. I got transferred to Bahía Blanca in a place called General Cerri. I´m with Elder Brown from Utah, and we´ve been called as zone leaders. Usually you get trained to become a zone leader, but neither of us have ever been a zone leader before. What do we do? I know now, Trust in the Lord because the Lord does EVERYTHING. He does ALL the work because this is His work.

Thanks for all the Love and support. Good luck to all of those new Elders that are going on their missions. I hope and pray for you all!

Love Elder Bosco II
The Díaz Family. I´m going to miss them a lot!

 Karen and Karina Molinas
The Acierno Family! They finally made it to church!

 Martín Villalobo


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