Monday, July 6, 2015

Week #54

Hola Familia!

We had a zone conference with President Cifuentes and his wife. They both speak Spanish really well. The conference was unbelievable and I learned a lot. I was truly inspired. It´s a lot different having mission presidents from the United States. Let´s just say that Sister Cifuentes baked us brownies. They were so good!! haha I talked to them after the conference and asked if they knew Tom Tyler. They couldn´t remember but they told me to ask about Tom´s relationship with his dad. So if you can, can you let me know about their relationship? thanks.

I´ve been thinking a lot about the mission this past week. I´ve been out for over a year now and I´ve been thinking about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ has changed my life. The Atonement has had such an obvious influence in my life and especially on the mission. The Lord has taken an 18 year old boy that had never lived away from his parents and has turned him into a young man that has been able to live in another country- for over a year now. I´m amazed. But even greater than that, I have a testimony that the Lord has called me and set me apart for this work. He has taken me with many weaknesses and inabilities to do this work and he has blessed me to be able to speak in a different language in a different culture and to feel a deep love the people here that I can´t even express. I know the Atonement is real because I look at what it has done for me. It has changed me and it continues to change me each and every day. I´m so grateful for the mission and I know that it is the way that the Lord matures us.

Pres. Cifuentes talked to us about exaltation and what it means to us- even though we´ve never experienced it. He explained it to us in a simple way that brought me back to the Celestial Room in the Temple. He said that exaltation is receiving a hug from Heavenly Father. Being in his presence and being hugged by our Heavenly Father must be the greatest feeling ever. This thought brought me back to when I first hugged my mom in the Celestial Room. A feeling that I will never forget and the happiness of eternal families. I truly love this gospel and this work.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. And see you later Dallin!!

Love Elder Bosco II
 Pres. and Sis. Cifuentes!
It was a leadership meeting in Bahía Blanca where we all got to meet Pres and Sis Cifuentes.

 Elders Yeates, Taysom, Fertig

Some of my best friends from the mission!
 Elder Swanson(comp in MTC), Elder Chronister (he was the one that was stabbed), and Elder Bates (former jr. high baseball teammate) All from Utah!


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