Monday, May 18, 2015

Week #47

Hola Familia!

I´m not going to lie mom, it was pretty cool. After the dedication, a member told me that there was someone on the phone that wanted to talk to me. I answered the phone and I was really confused to who it was. I remember the Squires but I couldn´t remember the last name. The truth is, I was thinking about them the other day! They called me and we got to talk for a few minutes. They´re going to take us to lunch today for P-Day. I´m really excited to see them!

More than anything else that happened this week, I want to tell you about the temple dedication of the Córdoba Temple. It was such a cool experience. On Saturday we watched a preview where all of the Provinces in Argentina were represented by their special dances. It reminded me of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. It was really cool. Then a family sang the Primary Song that Families are of God. It was so cool to see all the Argentines super happy and blessed to have the temple. I thought a lot about how much I truly love the people here who I have served. I am so grateful that the Lord blessed them with another Temple!! 
The dedication was Sunday and it was incredible. I can´t explain it in words. I was so happy to see the rooms of the temples that I´ve missed so much here on the mission. The Spirit was really strong and raised my motivation to serve more diligently so that more families can enter the Lord´s house together. Elder Uchtdorf spoke in english and the translator stood by him translating the inspired words. It was cool to realize that I understood both languages and the Spirit was there no matter what language was understood. President Uchtdorf talked about how the Creation, the Fall, and the Atonement would all be a huge waste if it weren´t for temples and the sealing power that is found therein. Families truly are sealed to never be separated again. An Elder from the 70 spoke and said, [Everything that we do in the church leads us to the temples, and everything we do in the temples lead us to Jesus Christ. I know that that is true. The temples on the earth are filled with the Spirit and love of the Lord. They are on the earth to bless us. Every time a temple is built, Godliness is strengthened and the power of Satan is weakened. I´m extremely grateful for the promise of eternal families. This is the work and glory of the Lord.

Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers. Good luck Ellie on the mission! Argentina is the greatest!!

Love Elder Bosco II
[Our friends, Janie and Dennis Squires, took their daughter Cydnee back to Bahia Blanca where she served a few years ago. They were there to see the dedication of the Cordoba Temple. They found Wesley and took him to lunch. Thank You Squires!]

Cydnee, Dennis, Elder Bosco, Elder Sissan

Elders Sissan and Bosco, Dennis and Janie Squires

Elders Bosco and Sissan
Good Luck to Sis. Ellie Holt as she embarks for Buenos Aires South Argentina this week.

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