Monday, January 26, 2015

Week #31

Hola Familia!
I can´t believe I already got transferred from Necochea. I was there for 5 short weeks and I saw some of the greatest miracles on the mission so far.

We got to see Ruben get baptized, receive the Aaronic Priesthood, and he blessed the Sacrament this past Sunday! He told me that before we taught him, he felt the lowest of lows, but now he feels like he´s in heaven! haha He told me that I´m always welcome in his house because he thinks of me like his son.

We got to see the Laguna Family get baptized! The changes that we´ve seen in their lives are incredible! Martin, the father that isn´t a member that drives them to church every week, told us that he loves the changes he´s seen in his family. They eat dinner every night together with more peace and more love. He loved having us over for dinner and he gave me an Argentina Sports jacket when I left. I´ll miss this family! All of the daughters are selling art to raise money to go to the temple in March! They´re so excited. I bought one that I´ll show in a picture.

We also got to see Kevin Albarengo get baptized and he´s receiving the Aaronic Priesthood next Sunday. He made me a promise that he´ll never miss a day of reading in the Book of Mormon. I made that promise as a 14 year old like he is and I´m eternally grateful for it. The Book of Mormon is incredible.

My new area is Peaujo (I´m not sure how to spell it yet) in Trenque Lauquen. Mom, I don´t have the information yet because I´m not in the area. I had to travel to Mar del Plata from Necochea and then to Trenque Lauquen. BUT the bus to Trenque Lauquen was full so I had to buy a ticket for a day later. So tomorrow I´ll arrive. Which means I´m spending my P-Day in Mar del Plata..... and guess where..... POMPEYA!!!! I´ll tell you the info next week.

I returned to my first home! It felt like I never left it, haha i slept on the ground and it was awesome!

I´m going to visit Cejas, Miguel, and call Martin because he´s in Buenos Aires. I´ve been talking to Elder Jones how things have been going and he told me what happened to Marcela. She was going to get baptized a week after I left, but they couldn´t find her for two weeks and she didn´t want to go.

I´m not sure exactly why. She got really depressed, but they invited her to pray and the next day they told me that she changed night from day. She was happy and she decided to be baptized! And Martin baptized her! It made me so happy!! I can´t even explain it.

The miracles of the mission are incredible. Stay close to the Lord in all that you do and the Lord will make you a tool in His hands. Thanks for all the love and support and I´ll send some pictures. Love you!!
Love Elder Bosco II

Pictures from Necochea

Martin sent this picture of Marcelas baptism

Kevin´s baptism!

With Kevin´s brother and family

1. Ruben blessed the Sacrament on Sunday!

 The Laguna Family. The five year old girl is holding the piece of art that they made me. It´s incredible. Agustina (12 years old. to my right) made it for me
The Albarengo Family with Kevin!
The Gallardo family

Art work by Augustina

Wesley showing off his packing skills as he prepares for his transfer- I am impressed (and taking full credit for this skill!)

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