Monday, January 12, 2015

Week #29

Hola Familia!

What a week! The Laguna Family was baptized! Brisa, Agustina, Ezequiel, Yasmin, and Lara all made special covenants with Heavenly Father on Saturday and were baptized! Elder Durocher and I had the great opportunity to baptize them and to exercise our Priesthood Authority. It was an incredible tender mercy from the Lord and what of the greatest experiences that I´ve had on the mission so far. I´ll never forget the feeling that I had as we closed the baptismal service after the baptisms with Families Can Be Together Forever. The Spirit was incredible and He testified to me of reality of the promise that God has made to us. Families truly are eternal.

I want to share some of the other tender mercies that happened on Saturday and Sunday during their confirmations. On Saturday, the whole Laguna Family was at the baptisms. Debora, the mother of Yasmin and Lara, is a less active member of the church that has been coming to church the last month or so. She has almost stopped smoking completely and she is thinking more and more about marriage! Martin, her spouse, is not a member of the church and doesn´t want to come but is supporting the family and he came to the baptism! He told us that he felt peaceful and calm. Even though he doesn´t want the gospel in this moment, the Spirit is truly touching his heart. Cintia, the mother of Brisa, Agustina, and Ezequiel, is also coming to church and trying to stop smoking. Debora and Cintia are working so that they can receive callings in the branch. Their sister, Mikaela, isn´t a member and she is investigating the church and is working on her own baptism. Her 8 year old daughter is getting baptized in the next few weeks in a different branch. The mom of Debora, Cintia, and Mikaela came to the baptism too! She is less active in the church, but she truly felt the Spirit as well. The baptisms were incredible because it was a mini family reunion for the Lagunas.

They each received the gift of the Holy Ghost and were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Sunday in Sacrament Meeting. And Elder Durocher and I had the opportunity to stand in the circle to complete the ordinance of baptism by fire. In gospel principles, we talked about the Creation and about families and Debora and Cintia had tears in their eyes. They truly felt the Spirit this weekend and the miracle of the Holy Ghost is present in their lives. What an experience.

Also, Ruben has his interview with the Branch President this week to receive the Aaronic Priesthood! I´m so excited for him! This branch is truly growing in miraculous ways.

Thanks for all the love, support and prayers. Missionaries truly are blessed and protected. And Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Love, Elder Bosco II
1. Before the baptism with Martin, Debora, (oldest-youngest) Yasmin, Lara, and Iara


 So many people in White!! (With the two sisters Sol and Iara that weren´t baptized)

 With the whole Laguna Family!!


 I gave them each CTR rings and they love them! They love wearing them too so we took this picture

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