Monday, December 29, 2014

Week #27

Hola Familia!

It was so great being able to talk to you guys!! I can´t believe how much Ella has grown up. She´s huge!. It´s extremely hot and humid here and there isn´t air conditioning in many places. It´s part of the learning process of being grateful for everything that we have. Congrats to Collin!! That´s a great accomplishment and it sounds like he´s getting better every game.

It was my first week in Necochea and we saw MIRACLES. Ruben was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. I want to tell you about this miracle. Ruben met missionaries 6 or 7 years ago in Córdoba and the missionaries helped him in a lot of ways. he want to church a few times, but after some time, he lost contact with the missionaries and with the church and now he lives in Necochea. He´s been prepared for many years to accept the gospel and to have a relationship with God. He told us many miraculous experiences where God saved his life when he should have died and even experience where he left his body and came back to life. He told us of some stories of how he´s saved people´s life with the hand of the Lord. He´s been prepared his whole life. As a zone we found names of people that could be baptized this week through miracles. Elder Durocher told me about Ruben whom he contacted the week before. We prayed for all of these names and we did practices to ask him to be baptized. We went to his house and we talked to him. We invited him to be baptized and his attitude changed. A week ago he didn´t have many desires to go back to church. But this day, he accepted and he told us that he feels that this is the right time in his life. We reviewed the Restoration and the commandments with him and he told us that he´d stop drinking (He didn´t drink much). He took down a Catholic Saint that was on his mantle in his house. and well... he was baptized on Saturday! He told me that he feels so much peace in his life. After he received the gift of the Holy Ghost, he told me that he felt that peace again. He´s been prepared for awhile now and it was a miracle to be Necochea to see it. The Lord is incredible.

What I learned from this experience is that you never know what you say or do will affect people down the road, 6 or 7 years, or even more. The missionaries that helped him 7 years ago don´t even know that he´s a member of the church now. But that´s part of the Lord´s work. My testimony grew about the way that the Lord works in His vineyard.

Thanks for all the love and support and prayers. Have a happy 2015!

Love, Elder Bosco II
Lily was baptized in the Branch too!

Baptism of Ruben 

wow... Ruben´s Baptism haha


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