Monday, November 24, 2014

Week #22

 Hola Familia!

So crazy how basketball is already starting up again and how Dallin is playing again. I thought he was on a mission hahaha.
[Wesley is referring to the PHS basketball preview in the Daily Herald- it said to watch for Jr. guard Dallin Bosco. hmmm...and I really thought that Collin wouldn't have this problem because he is the only Bosco left at Provo High. oh well...]
And Thanksgiving doesn´t exist here and so it´s just going to be a normal day in Argentina haha. And by the way mom, I am keeping warm. It´s getting hot here and really humid. But because we´re by the ocean, the weather changes often.

I had a few great experiences this week that I´d like to share. The ones that I´d like to share both happened on Sunday. I haven´t been in Argentina too long and so I´m still working on the language. It´s coming along for sure, but I really had to stretch myself Sunday. The teacher for Gospel Principles wasn´t at church and Hermana Rodriguez whispered this in my ear so I got up and taught the class. hahah I wasn´t prepared at all. But I taught a 30 minute class in Spanish. I still can´t believe I did it. But I´ll tell you how I did it. I taught about the Holy Ghost. And as I taught about His mission in our lives, he bore testimony to me of his mission because I was living it. Words in spanish came out of my mouth clearly and even though the spanish wasn´t perfect, the Spirit was present. I felt the power of the Holy Ghost so strong during those 30 mins and the power that the Holy Ghost has in our lives. I testify that the Holy Ghost is always there for us to sustain us in our calling and to help us magnify our callings. He´s there to testify of Jesus Christ and of our Heavenly Father. I bear witness that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that I have this knowledge only through the voice of the Spirit. What an experience and a boost of confidence for me on the mission. I´m extremely grateful.

Also, we had the Primary Program on Sunday and the theme was Eternal Families in the Plan of Salvation. I´m going to admit, I cried a little in some of the songs that were sung because the Spirit testified to me of the truthfulness of this statement: Families Are Eternal. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the gospel of Eternal Families. What a blessing for me to be able to represent Jesus Christ and tell the world of this great news!! Especially during this Christmas season. My encouragement for whoever is reading this letter is to live worthily to have an eternal family. Your family on earth is the closest thing to Heavenly Father when the walls of your home are based on the gospel of Jesus Christ. Love your family and remember that Heavenly Father gave us families to be happy!

I love my family with all of my heart and I´m grateful for the examples that they´ve been in my life. I wouldn´t be where I am today without my parents guiding and directing my life in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It´s something that I´ll forever be in debt. Thanks for the love, support, and prayers.


Elder Bosco II

It reminds me a lot of Lake Tahoe. I even saw a golf course. 
It´s about 30 mins out of our area and we got permission to go for P-Day.


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