Monday, November 10, 2014

Week #20

Hola Familia!!

Sorry I´m writing so late, but we had a zone conference today and so that´s why we´re writing right now! The zone Conferences with President Parreño are incredible. I have a testimony of leaders in the church of Jesus Christ. No matter who is called, these men and women are called of God and they receive revelation in our behalf. Part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ is being able to humbly follow the leaders that he calls. Sometimes it takes humility to follow our leaders, but know that they are inspired by God in our behalf. The same goes with parents. Be obedient to your parents. I´m so grateful for Mom and Dad who have received revelation in my behalf and have lead our family so that one day we can reach our goal of having an eternal family. Teaching and sharing about eternal families every day has helped me realized just how lucky and blessed I am to have a family that follows Jesus Christ. I truly love you all so much and all of your examples. The joy I have knowing that Dallin is serving and that Collin is going to serve is incredible. It´s a blessing extremely great in my life. Memories of looking and Dallin and Collin every night before bed as they read the scriptures and talked with Heavenly Father are memories that I can´t express. Their examples to me have affected my life now on the mission and will affect my life forever.

I have learned a lot from Elder Jones. He´s very humble and we get along well. I´ve had to learn the streets better, better my spanish, and know the ward members a little better because he doesn´t know the area. Because of that, I´ve grown SO MUCH this week. My spanish improved and is improving so much right now. It´s been a great blessing to me.

We have an investigator, Daniela. She has a child and lives with her boyfriend but doesn´t want to get married. She knows the church is true. She´s read almost all of the Book of Mormon. She even takes notes in a notebook (better than my notes haha). The thing that´s holding her back is Fear. She doesn´t want to leave him in fear for her child and also in fear of him. We´ve prayed a lot for her and there´s nothing else that I want to see right now but to see her start a new life starting with Baptism. She´s lived a difficult life. She has 4 sisters that I think will follow her example if she takes the leap of faith.

A great thing happened this week in church. Martin picked up Cejas and they walked to church and arrived in time! They´re both faithful and come to all the meetings and love church. The joy is so great right now because they´re both receiving the Melcezidek (spelling?) Priesthood next week!

I hope this week is great for everyone!! It´s starting to get hot here!! haha I love you all and I thank you for the love and support. It means a lot. Love you!!

Elder Bosco II
P.S. I forgot to put this in my letter, but Martin has been leaving with us some nights for a few hours and he knocks doors with us. He bears his testimony and he says he loves it. It´s been such a miracle to see his progress and his ability to overcome challenges in his life because of his love for Jesus Christ.

Elder Jones and I with Daniela
Cejas!! One days he´s going to come to Utah

Elder Jones and I in the Zone Conference

 Zone Conference
On the street DON BOSCO (I´m famous in this area)

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