Monday, September 15, 2014

WEEK #12

Mar del Plata

Saying good bye to Hermana Godoya

During our service day on Saturday. We scraped posters off of all the poles and trash cans and stuff

Chorizo and pollo... sausage and chicken
Making pizza with Elder White
Hola Familia,
A lot of great things happened this week. We had four people come to church and all four have baptismal dates so we´ll see how they progress in the gospel. 
We´ve been teaching this man named Frederico and he wants to be baptized but we can´t get him to church. Anyways, we taught him the word of wisdom on Thursday and he said that he would stop smoking and drinking completely. On Saturday, we passed by his house to see how he was doing and he wasn´t there but his son, Frederico, was there. We just simply invited him to church. And Frederico (the son) came, but Frederico (the dad) didn´t. haha I sat by Frederico during all of church and he gave some great answers during the classes. He told me how he had been reading parts of the Book of Mormon of his father´s and how whatever he would read that day would bless his life specifically for that day. I bore my testimony to him of the Book of Mormon and after the class I asked him if he wanted to be baptized. He said he didn´t feel like he needed to because he was already baptized in the Catholic Church. So I shared with him a story in the Book of Mormon about authority when Alma was the only one with authority and so Ammon and the people of Limhi waited patiently to be baptized so that they could be baptized by proper authority. I told him the importance of reading and praying and finding out for himself the way I had and the way everyone does.. by simply asking Heavenly Father and being willing to act. After Sacrament Meeting I felt impressed to ask him again. And he said that if he received an answer to his questions, that he would be baptized in a few weeks. I´m so excited about that because he´s incredible humble and he told me how important it is that we become more like Jesus Christ and how important it is to always be learning and improving. 
This experience was incredible for me and it strengthened my testimony of the gospel and especially the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul and anyone that is willing to act on the questions they have WILL receive an answer.
Olga and Jorge came to church today and they accepted the baptismal date for Sept. 27, but it might be a little later. And the other at church was a man named Domingo. And he lives by himself and he was willing to come to church and accept a baptismal date so he came! We´ll see how the future goes with Domingo. He´s the greatest!
Okay so now for the funny story of the week. At 8 at night we found ourselves on the sand on the beach because two people that we found on the street live there in a little shack. It was weird haha. We passed by the next day and there were even more bums and one had a bottle of cologne and was spraying our scriptures as some sign that he liked us? (Don´t worry, we´re not returning) But I smelled like a teenager for the next few days because my scriptures smelled like cologne. I HATED it. but I know you guys will find it funny. All is back to normal now and I smell more like a missionary hahaha.
Thanks for all the prayers and love and support. And good luck to all my friends that are about to go off on the journey of a mission. It´s incredible. Love you!
 Love, Elder Bosco II

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