Thursday, January 7, 2016

Week #80

Hola Familia!

It was another awesome week in the mission. Elder Dement and I moved in to the house and area white washed. Well I had already been there, so it hasn´t been too difficult working here. The last two missionaries that lived here had finished the mission together, so the house was a mess. We deep cleaned the house and we´re enjoying our home made lunches everyday. I´ll have to send you some pictures of what we have made. He´s from Texas so we go BIG haha.

It´s incredible to see the the Lord´s time in this work. When I was here before, these people weren´t quite ready. But just 5 months later, I can plainly see that the Lord´s Spirit had worked and is working in them. I´ll give you some examples. There´s a member named Marita Sabatini. She got baptized 5 years ago and she is a strong and faithful member of the Church, but she is the only member in her family. Her husband and children (17-30 years old) aren´t members. I had the chance to speak to a few of them when I was here before. They´re super nice, but never had interest in the Church. When I returned, Marita´s brother, Matias, got baptized and now is preparing for the mission. (That was a miracle because when I talked to him 5 months ago, he didn´t want anything) Another miracle is Marita´s 23 year old son, Alexis,

I spoke to Alexis about 5 times the last time I was here and he always talked to us, but never about the Church- he was always very busy with work. He´s not married and he lives with his girlfriend Belén. They have a 2 year old kid and they are the cutest family. When we got here to Cerri, we saw that he had gone to Church a few times and that he was improving a little. We went to a members house and asked him where Alexis lived. We went to his house and we taught him and Belén and invited them to come to Church. Alexis came to Church and during the Gospel Principles class, he told us with tears in his eyes that we showed up just in time to his home. He told us that only the missionaries would know where he lived (guided by the Lord), because he hadn´t told many people and he moved in just 3 days earlier. He told us this crying and said that it was his time to follow the example of his mother. 

The Spirit hit me strong in that class and I realized that even though Alexis wasn´t prepared before, he´s ready now! And that is MOST important. We taught Alexis and Belén the importance of marriage and they accepted happily. They are getting married in about 3 weeks and they´re excited. Only the Spirit has the power to change someone´s heart like that. 

The Spirit does ALL of the work in the mission and I´m grateful to be an instrument in bringing this Spirit to the people in Argentina.

Love, Elder Bosco II
New Year´s Eve Dinner and last meal with members!  

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