Thursday, January 28, 2016

Week #83

Hola Familia!

We had a great week of work this week and I learned a lot of great lessons. I´d like to share one with you. Just so you know, every day during the week was warm and many people were outside- I love days like that on the mission because it´s a lot easier to find people. But unfortunately, It poured rain Sunday morning. That usually is a big excuse for many people to sleep in and not come to Church. Knowing that that was going to be the case, we looked for each investigator in the rain and the mud. A few didn´t answer the door, and a few told us to our dripping wet face that they might come next week. It was rough. But we got to the Church soaking wet and smile on our faces because a good attitude is key to happiness. Obviously we weren´t too happy, but you´ve got to fake it til you make it right?

During Sacrament meeting, a member showed me a scripture. It was pretty random but the scripture really touched my heart. He shared with me D&C 123:17. It tells us to be of good cheer and to do all that is in our reach. If we do so, we will remain at peace and see the salvation of God. The Spirit came over me and helped me understand that there are always decisions that we can control. We can control our attitude and we can do what we can. I know that if we do, we will feel that same peace that I felt Sunday morning in the pouring rain. It´s not a great feeling being soaking wet and disappointed, but inner peace is priceless.

Do everything you can with a good attitude and ALL will turn out well. The Lord has already promised us. 

Love, Elder Bosco II

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