Thursday, July 24, 2014

Week #4

Hola Familia,

Today marks one year for Dallin on the mission and one year since my surgery. Unbelievable. I can't tell you guys how many times the trial with my foot has given me strength on the mission. Even the little worry of not knowing spanish. When I first got surgery, I thought that I'd never be able to run again because of the way my foot looked. Well, sometimes I feel that I'll never be able to speak spanish fluently... Oh wait, I can run now. It just took patience, diligence and hard work and a LOT of Faith on the Lord. Oh wait, I will speak spanish, it will just take patience, diligence, hard work, and a LOT of Faith on the Lord. There's nothing I'd rather be doing with my life right now than serving a mission. I'm a little nervous to go to Argentina because it's the unknown. But I know that it will all be possible. Thank you for the letters, words of encouragement, and prayers. They help me out soooo much. 

This week during Sacrament meeting, Elder Swanson and I got called on to speak in spanish. The branch presidency chooses two Elders every week and of course we got chosen!! We spoke on Spanish. And to be honest, I wasn't that worried, I was prepared and I had it written all out. Plus, most of the people in there had no idea what we were saying so it was fine! haha. President Lindall (a president or a counselor the District Presidency for the MTC) spoke to us. He used to be a mission president in Argentina. He gave a great lesson on the Doctrine of Christ. What stuck with me the most was that he said that EVERYONE needs every aspect of the Doctrine of Christ. We all need it, so live it and share it! He also said to not worry about spanish. He promised us that everyone would be fluent in spanish. They will learn a lot in the field. He told us to focus our stress on something else. haha I loved that. He also talked about the mission and how exciting it is for crazy things to happen to you, but to never be scared because you are representing Jesus Christ. It was pretty cool. 

During a devotional this week, T.C. Christensen spoke to us. He showed us clips from 17 Miracles, Ephraim's Rescue, and others. He would then tell us the real story behind movie and it was really cool. Today is July 24th! And I'm so grateful for the pioneers. They were amazing. Also, Elder Ellis spoke to us from a Quorum of the 70 for another devotional. He has 9 kids, 8 have served, one is serving now. 29 grandkids. Leaving Ella Mae was hard enough, haha, but leaving 29 nieces and nephews would be insane!!! Hopefully when I get back, Ella will have some cousins. (Cough...cough...Amber...cough...Karissa....cough..) Haha I love you all!

One last story. While teaching an investigator about the Savior Jesus Christ, he (Gabriel) started telling Elder Swanson and I about when his son had cancer and he had to show faith in Christ. His eyes filled with tears, and mine did a little too. The spirit told me a sweet thing in that lesson. I remember thinking, there are going to be people in Argentina that have more faith in Jesus Christ than I do. They're so ready for the gospel. They will teach me more about the Savior than I know now. But I have something that they don't have. The gospel of Jesus Christ is more than a religion, it's a way of life. And these people want more than anything to learn it. They want to return to God. But they don't know where to find it. Never take the gospel for granted. It's such a great blessing in our lives.

Thanks for all the packages and letters and the carrots Amber haha. And especially pictures. They mean a lot. And always remember to never take the gospel of Jesus Christ for granted. It's a tremendous blessing.

Love Elder Bosco II

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