Thursday, July 10, 2014

Week #2 (First P-Day)

Hola familia!

What a week! It was definitely such a long week but I noticed so many blessings during it. Whenever times get hard, I find great strength in remembering how much support I have from everyone at home. The MTC is great. I'm constantly busy. I'll try to answer every question that people have asked me, but honestly, I don't remember all of them.

First day in the MTC was crazy. Wearing Elder Bosco has so much power. I represent Jesus Christ in everything I do now and it's on my chest! I love it! 
The fourth of July was weird, I'm in a little bubble and even though I know how exciting it gets in Provo, I never really felt it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We had a devotional and got to watch 17 miracles. I'm so grateful we got to watch that because it put into perspective the sacrifice that I'm making right now. 
Sunday was probably my favorite day. Because it was fast Sunday, we had a mission conference. And I learned some pretty cool things. A few weeks ago, all the new mission presidents were here and so all of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were here. They made a new rule while teaching. All five lessons before baptism and all five lessons from Preach My Gospel after baptism. This is to really help convert the investigators. The rest of Sunday was great and full of the Spirit. The rest of the week has been similar. Sleep, study, eat, study, study, study, teach (in Spanish), eat, study, sleep. hahaha. 
My companion is Elder Swanson and I'll send a picture with the rest of my District. He's extremely smart and even though he didn't play sports, he knows a lot about them. He's a funny kid. President Pickering is our Branch President (He reminds me of Bishop Salmon and I love him) with Bro. Hughes and Bro. Hartman. Pres. Pickering served in Finland mom. haha. Oh, and I'm so glad for the study habits that I created before my mission. I've really learned to love studying the gospel and it's given me a great head start in Spanish. I do get overwhelmed because I know where I want to be in the language. But the language will come with time. On Tuesday, Elder Anderson from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles spoke to us about the Holy Ghost. I want to bear my testimony about the Holy Ghost. With it, everything is possible. Without it, nothing is possible. I've gained that knowledge so much just within a week. God has given us a member of the Godhead to dwell with us--so pay attention to the promptings you receive. We also sang in the MTC choir. I needed that. Be Still, My Soul touched me. A blessing from God for sure.

The west campus is great! the gyms are literally bubbled tents that are blown up. (I'll send a picture). We call the west campus Spanish Land because only Spanish speakers are here. The rooms are bigger and it's less crowded. The cafeteria isn't as big but it's still delicious. And don't feel like you need to send me anything. I have plenty. And if you really want to, surprise me with something. I'm not picky at all. Our classroom is an apartment. It's kind of interesting to see how the Church has transformed this place into an MTC. My zone is great. Sorry if I didn't get to answer any questions, I'll try to next time.

This gospel is true and the work is moving forward. I'm so grateful to be apart of something so great.Thanks for the prayers and letters. They mean the world to me. 
And Vamos a Argentina!
Remember to always follow the Spirit.

Elder Bosco II
Elder Swanson (My companion and District Leader)

  Elder Chronister (His dad is Mike Chronister played football for BYU)

 Elder Bowen (He's such a humble hard-worker. He broke his ankle a month ago and still does rehab in our room)

These white bubbles are the gyms. They are incredible! I'm buying one when I get home haha!

My District: (L to R) Elders Dworshak, Wilhelm, Christiansen (he reminds me of Mike Holland-he makes me laugh so much),  Papke, Bosco, Swanson, Chronister, Bowen

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  1. So inspiring to read about his week and hear a confirmation of the spirit. Wesley's smile is the biggest I've ever seen on him. Love that Elder!