Monday, October 13, 2014

Week #16

Hola familia!
This week was incredible. MARTIN WAS BAPTIZED!!! What a miracle. He loves the gospel and he knows with all his heart that it´s true. He is so grateful that he received it even though his family is against it. He wants to serve a mission and he finishes high school in December. So next October he could leave! I´m so excited for him and to see the people that he touches. He goes to seminary now and he loves every minute of it. Especially because they´re studying the Book of Mormon and he doesn´t get to read it at home because it´s uncomfortable in front of his family. He truly is incredible. 
I´m SO happy for him. During the Sacrament Meeting, they announced that he was getting baptized and that he will be a priesthood holder and a missionary in the future. He put his arm around me, smiled, and said ¨Gracias a Bosco¨. I was humbled by that statement. During the Sacrament, I thought about that. In all reality. I realized that I did absolutely nothing with Martin. He was the one who came to the church everyday by himself to be taught. He´s the one that keeps his commitments. He´s the one that has had to go through a lot of trials and overcome them. He´s the one that recognized the Spirit. He´s the one that has embraced the gospel. And the Lord was the one who blessed him with his Spirit. The Lord blessed him with comfort, with an answer, with a change of heart. The Lord was the reason that we found each other. The Lord was the reason that we miraculously found each other again after his family rejecting us. It was completely the Lord. And I realized once again that this is the Lord´s work. The only thing I hope for is that I can be worthy to be one of his instruments in this work because it blesses my life so much. The last few weeks with Martin has changed my life forever and I´m forever grateful for the Lord giving Elder White and I an opportunity to see this miracle in our lives.
Another great thing that happened was that Cejas received the gift of the Holy Ghost!! He is so happy now and he is filled with life! We went over to teach him and he took us to lunch. He took us to a very expensive restaurant on the coast. I never thought that I would eat in a restaurant like that as a missionary. The name of it is Hotel Antártida (Look it up on the internet) The facebook page is Hotel Antártida Oficial. Let´s just say that each meal was 100-200 pesos and each drink cost extra I think. The water came in glass bottles. Elder White and I were shocked the entire time. Especially because the view of the coast was incredible. Miguel (the blind member) also came with us. And we found out that his nephew worked at that restaurant. So his nephew paid for it all. We didn´t pay for anything. So Cejas is taking us out to eat in an hour for PDay today haha. So sweet. We´re pumped.
But for real, the miracles on the mission are incredible and I´m not talking about eating at nice restaurants. The feelings at church yesterday were a million times better. The Spirit was incredible at Martín´s baptism. He even fasted with us. He has been prepared to receive the gospel for a long time. Truly incredible.
Thanks for all the prayers and support. I love you all!
Love Elder Bosco II

Elder White, Martin, Elder Bosco

Elder Bosco, Martin, Elder White

Martin is so happy!

Elder White, Ariel(a priest in the ward), Nawhel (Carolina´s son), Martin, Elder Bosco

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